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About Quran-or-Itrat

We are a registered school in pakistan. Our expert tutors have extensive education and experience in teaching Quran online-while you are able to sit at home


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We are teaching more than 1500 students in several countries including USA, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emarat and UK. Our students range from age 4 to 65 years.


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Our expert tutors have extensive education and experience in teaching Quran online-while you are able to lean Quran by sitting at home and benefit from it directly.


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We offer totally unique classes from any other educational program online.


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    Upcoming Education Events to feed your brain.

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    Wiladat of Imam Ali an-Naqi (a.s)
    12:00 am - 11:59 pm
    Lahore, Pakistan

    Imam Ali un-Naqi (A.S.) known as Hazrat Hadi was born in the mid of ZilHajj, 212 Hijrah in the vicinity of Madina.

    Martyrdom of Imam Ali an-Naqi (a.s)
    4:00 am - 11:59 pm
    Lahore, Pakistan

    The martyrdom of the tenth Imam, Imam 'Alī ibn Muḥammad known as al-Hādī (the guide) and an-Naqī (the pure).

    The Benefits and Virtues of Rajab, the Month of Allah
    4:00 am - 11:59 pm
    Lahore, Pakistan

    The noble Prophet’s mission, and the beginning of bringing people out of darkness into the light.

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    What People Say

    How real people said about their experiences learning from us.


    Syed Mudasser Zaidi

    New Jersey, USA

    “ Since my kids started to grow, I started searching for a Quran tutor who could teach my kids about Quran and Islam. After a long search, I could find a tutor who could come to my home and teach Quran to my children. Luckily when doing an online search, if found out about QuranorItrat.com and tried their trial service. During the trial period, I supervised the classes and found that the method of teaching was quite interesting and the Quran tutor had a thorough knowledge of the rules of pronunciation. Thus, my first two kids learned Quran from the same teacher without me worrying about dropping them to a Quran academy or having to deal with the problems of academics. Now my third child is also a student at QuranoItrat.com and highly recommend it to all those Muslim parents residing in countries West to have their kids enrolled with QuranorItrat to make them learn the Quran and about Islam as well. ”


    Asif Jafery

    Virginia, USA

    “ Quranoritrat.com is an amazing program. My two kids are studying since one year. We sometimes go on long vacations to another country and their Online Quran classes go with us. I am happy with their Tajweed and Tafseer services. Being a computer professional, I am glad to see that they have a number of computer engineers to resolve any computer issue. All these efforts make the learning process smooth. Believe me; it’s awesome! ”


    Asif Walji

    Texas, USA

    “ My son Mehdi Walji, who is just 4 years, is having his classes from QuranoItrat.com. I really didn’t imagine that it could work. Now, I am 100% satisfied with his fast progress, and his interest in Quran learning. It’s all because of the tutors at QuranoItrat.com, who are teaching in a friendly environment. Hats off to you guys! ”


    Sohail Anwar

    Virginia, USA

    “ Learning Quran means to stay in touch with Islam. It’s hard to find reliable Quran tutors in the U.S. I was worried enough about the Quran education of my two daughters. Then, I explored QuranoItrat.com as the best option, due to the quality of their services. I always found their CSRs supportive and ready to help in any issue regarding change of timing, or learning sessions. Thank you QuranoItrat Team! ”


    Asma Naqvi

    Middle East

    “ My children have been learning Quran from one of the teachers of Quran-o-Itrat.com We found him dedicatedly giving his productive time in a pleasant learning environment. His timely and constructive feedback always keeps the children on the assigned task and his teaching strategies are according to the needs of the children. We strongly recommend consulting Quran teaching services from the highly experienced teachers of this website in many different fields of your interest. Your interest may vary from the beginner to the advanced Quranic education for your child- teachers can meet your expectations InshAllah. May Allah raise our children in the knowledge of the Holy Quran (Ameen). ”

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